Calling All Spooky Idol Moments

Hello gang! There’s a completely different gif party planned for tomorrow, but I’ve been remiss in helping Kerrie get the word out about a special Halloween project (in addition to the various other seasonal doodads going on):

So! If you’re on Twitter, tweet spooky, scary, intense, Halloweeny videos to @weeaboowitch (now a very appropriate handle); if you’re not on Twitter, you can add them to the comments here.

Be very liberal in your application of those descriptions, too. While literally terrifying things are always good options, tongue-in-cheek scary is also good, not-even-trying funny is good, basically anything that’s fun for you and/or other humans is good. Would it make for a theme for a costume? Then it’s good.

More to come on this one, but please do help the hive mind gather a suitable mess of resources for this little project.

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