You Owe It to Yourself to Play This Game with Us

Kerrie, whose Redbubble includes great gifts this holiday season, is back, and with her most diabolical plan yet!

This weekend, we make an idol’s dream some true (and do the same to another who probably didn’t ask for it)!

Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of Gif Party Friday posts lately. I’ve been extremely busy with both personal things and other stuff related to Homicidols (-cough- end-of-year-awards show) so things have been a bit on-and-off.

Here’s the best of the last gif party! [Maniac: No. Nobody played this game. You guys are butts.]

Today, we come with a request, courtesy of BiS’s own Kika Front Frontalle, who tweeted this the other day:

Too Japanese Didn’t Read: She has given us a great Photoshop opportunity and wants us to take advantage of it.

That’s right, today and over the weekend, your job is to Photoshop Kika’s Funky Face however you please! Here’s some I made earlier: Continue reading

Celebrate Art & Beauty with This Friday’s Gif Party

Kerrie’s back! And thank goodness. I was flush out of ideas for the week, but never underestimate the creativity of the @weeaboowitch!

Hello everyone! How was Halloween? Did you do anything fun? I spent my Halloween on the set of the BiSH movie that is totally happening and not just something I made up partly for shits and giggles (literally) and partly to convince Maniac to give me his vinyl record. Speaking of which, congratulations to last weekend’s #IdolNightmare winner, who did a wonderful job at scaring us even more than a Chitti shart demon ever could. Enjoy your NECRONOMIDOL vinyl!

This week, we’re back to our usual gif party, and it’s going to be a beautiful one. Continue reading

This Twisted Gif Party Is All about the Perversion

[Maniac: This post is why I don’t give Kerrie self-publishing privileges. Nonetheless, the @weeaboowitch asks, the @weeaboowitch gets.]

Hey everyone, its me again! Where was I last week? I was at Wack HQ pestering Watanabe to make the BiSwagon a reality and turn it into a travelling circus. My Japanese isn’t too great, but I think he said something like “Get the fuck out of here before I release Lui from her idol dungeon!” I think he listened though, because have you heard that circus-y theme of the new BiS song? 😉

Last week Maniac took over in my absence and did a better job than I ever could. Last week he asked you to swap around some idols. Don’t think I wasn’t paying attention. Not only did I relay your ideas to Watanabe before I heard the fearsome growling of a hungry twentysomething idol leader, I came up with a couple of my own, too! Lets see the best of all the submissions!

[Maniac: I won’t even pretend that Kerri’s top entry wasn’t the winner by far.]

Now this week, we’re gonna ask you to turn up that smooth jazz, put on something a little more comfortable and contact your nearest Tenga supplier because this week we’re getting all sick and twisted and erotic in here! Continue reading

This Week, Let’s Mix and Match Idols Like Funny Socks

I am a man of my word. The other day, Kerrie said to me, Maniac, I’m far too important a person to do the gif party, so it’s up to you to get it done. And I said, Kerrie, you go ahead and be important, I’ll take care of everything. And then I realized that it’s my damn website anyway and if there was going to be a gif party, I needed to be responsible about it.

So! You know how these things work by now. I am, however, also somewhat pressed for time between work and house stuff, so I’m going to un-gif the gif party and instead take us in a similar thematic direction to the kinds of weirdness we’ve been doing, but simplify the medium. This might be what you kids would call a meme party.

The theme? #IdolSwap. Think about some of your favorite idols. Now think about some of your favorite groups. Now think about how your favorite group might benefit from having another favorite swapped in. Like so, in the banner!

That is so mean

So that’s the assignment. I was originally going to limit it to one switch per group, but then I thought, let’s see just how creative people can get. Mix and match. Make a group better; make a group worse. Hell, develop a super group of your own. Just remember to use the #IdolSwap hashtag on Twitter and/or post entries in the comments here on or Facebook.

Continue reading

Friday’s Gif Party Will Make You Sick to Your Stomach

I’m welcoming back Kerrie against my own good sense; if you saw the conversation yesterday about idol fanfic and where that wound up going, you’ll understand. Nonetheless! Remember that you can get unique idol-inspired gear at her Redbubble.

Happy Friday, everyone! Or should I say, unhappy Friday, considering the theme of our last gif party.

That’s right, lets all get comfortable in our wota bunkers and check out the best of last week’s #idolpocalypse!

[Maniac: Joke’s on you all — I was the only person who made anything! So I’m picking my favorites.]

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This Week’s Gif Party Ushers in the #Idolpocalypse

This week’s feed:

Kerrie continues to tolerate my shenanigans — I swear, she’s starting to like this stuff. Remember to hit her up on Redbubble for your own unique idol merch!

Happy Friday, everyone! How was your week?

Last week’s gif party theme was #Badassbabymetal, in honour of Babymetal’s glorious performance at Tokyo Dome that didn’t bring any announcements whatsoever, but hey, at least nobody is graduating yet. Last week’s best gifs are below; for this week …

Speaking of graduations, this week’s theme is somewhat of a somber note. Why are all the idols disappearing at once?! If it’s not Saki leaving Guso Drop, its Tsubasa Fly and Koutei Camera Girl Zwei disbanding, and whatever the hell is going on with GANG PARADE at the moment. I can’t even blame the BiSwagon this time around. Zombidol on the other hand…

So this week, we want you to post your favourite gifs of either of these categories under the hashtag #idolpocalypse:

  • Iconic moments from graduated (or soon-to-be graduated) members
  • Units at the brink of disbanding … and the moment we knew
  • Idol is (kinda) dead: Killing, being killed, playing dead, etc.
  • Idols doing things that would get them killed — pranks, jokes, etc.

Here are a few examples:

Gif of former BiS member Wakisaka Yukiko from the PPCC video

Mone formerly of You'll Melt More singing Suicide Sweet Side

BiSH members walk away from their destruction of the crab penis kaiju on the beach while everything explodes

Hopefully next week’s theme will be more cheerful! #idolpocalypse


Many gifs serve many purposes

Babymetal at the Tokyo Dome Updates Megathread

They’re apparently playing “Onedari Daisakusen” like a day after saying they wouldn’t. Koba, you cad!

This is the big news?

Follow the feed:

After the cut, a whole crazy-ass mess of Red Night stuff — live video, something that definitely isn’t a bootleg of the entire Red Night performance, more live video, internal references to WILD CONSPIRACY THEORIES. Also, do yourself a favor and go read Daemon’s report.

Continue reading