PassCode’s Major Debut Is Gonna Be a Rocker

After sharing their updated look on Facebook the other day, I had a feeling that we were getting very, very close to the pre-release for PassCode’s major label debut single, “MISS UNLIMITED.” I was not disappointed.

There is a ton happening in this video!

It’s just the short version, but we’ll get the real deal soon (given how randomly the announcement was made about this yesterday, I almost think it got held up in editing).

After a little bit of a tune-down on VIRTUAL and some concerns that the move to Universal would spell the end for PassCode’s signature sound, I’m very pleased to get this, and I’m very pleased that they’re going to stay so unique.

3 thoughts on “PassCode’s Major Debut Is Gonna Be a Rocker

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  2. Yeah, they are staying unique to the sound they and dozens of other idol groups ripped off from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas! 😉

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