This Is the Result When Babymetal Does Anime

No, no, you goofs, not that promised anime series starring/about Babymetal that just disappeared into the ether; I’m talking about the more-recently-announced theme song for the UniKitty Cartoon Network show. I … I can barely contain myself?

Technically not anime because reasons, but you know what I mean

Don’t complain: It’s what passes for new Babymetal material while we wait for that whole XX goddess thing, and what I think is pretty likely to be an album announcement (just like Legend ’97), and it’s also the first new Babymetal anything in 18 months, which is basically idol eternity.

Oh, right. As if there was any remaining debate as to whether Babymetal (still) is idol or naw, this pretty much seals it. Just think — the biggest idols in the West are now on the same level as … like a whole bunch of other idols!*

I’m also not going to be pretend to be too cool for anything related to The LEGO Movie, no matter how attenuated that relation. EVERYTHING IS AWESOME WHEN YOU’RE PART OF A TEAM.

*Kidding, jeez

3 thoughts on “This Is the Result When Babymetal Does Anime

  1. This is probably the work of Takeshi Ueda, right?
    The chords, themelody, the riff, the synths… Just feels like it’s his work to me.

  2. After 18 months this is the morsel we get… Damnit, I need more.

    I’m feeling like an addict who just got a new fix after a long dry spell.

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