This Is SHINGEKI At Their Best

It was really annoying to not get to post about this yesterday, because of all the things that SHINGEKI has done in their year+ weird, winding journey to becoming the thing called SHINGEKI, this is arguably not only the best thing that they’ve done, but the most SHINGEKI thing that they’ve done at the same time:

For one thing, that’s the kind of wild-ass composition that only idols and the likes of Maximum the Hormone can pull off unironically. And I’m talking about way more than just the synths + beats turning what could be a metal song into a dance number — you have the random breaks, the extremely random additional spoken-word breaks, the not-quite-there commitment to English, the vocal put-ons … if you’re into the type, you’re way into this song.

SHINGEKI does usually lose me somewhat with their video work, which after a minute finds itself on very rote pathways (read: idol). This is no exception. However, they (Kotono) get massive points for ham-fisting an excuse to two-step and make it a visual focal point. Two-stepping is the dance of the gods.

Here’s a little bit of the live experience, to paint a fuller picture of the group:

Things are coming along really nicely.

In case you were wondering, I made a late decision to un-book SHINGEKI members from Queen of the Scene (starting in just an hour, or already happening and you need to get to it!) because the field was pretty full and not everybody can compete all the time. Kotono’s a true idol hero in my book, but it just wa– OH MY GAWD!