It’s a Queen of the Scene Battle Royale!

Welcome one and all to the Queen of the Scene Battle Royale! Today, 30 idols will enter the ring, and one will emerge victorious as the #1 contender for Queen of the Scene. Her reward? A one-on-one matchup with none other than Saki of 2&!

The way it will work is this: The match begins with 10 idols in the ring. Every 15 minutes or so*, another idol from the roster revealed yesterday, or a surprise competitor, will enter the fray. You will show your support for the idols in the ring by voting — every time one idol reaches 10 votes, that’s a sign that somebody (the lowest vote-getter) has been eliminated. May multiples be eliminated at once? IS WATANABE JUNNOSUKE A HOSER?

At the end, the winner gets a one-time winner-take-all shot at Saki of 2& for the right to call herself Queen of the Scene and to represent as the Official Oshimen. These aren’t low stakes, folks!

Yes, it’s going to be weird and wild and chaotic, and I haven’t even mentioned the various wildcard twist and turns that I’m going to throw in because it’s fun and also this is wrestling. Like, imagine somebody having a meddling manager! Or a best frenemy! Or super powers! The best part is, the voting resets with each elimination, so you can continue to support your favorites throughout with nary a worry of spending your effort at the wrong place or the wrong time.

Let’s get to it!

It has come to my attention that my “don’t block new votes” thing didn’t work, so just clear your cookies every time the list resets

*I am not a machine and I have obligations!