Your Homicidols Weekender #191

Good morning! I hope that wherever you are, weather conditions are on the whole tolerable — we here in the National Capital Area are going to be absolutely heat-pummeled over the next few days, though today at least will be tolerable enough to get in a run or something. Otherwise, you know what this is, right? The perfect conditions for an idol binge! As such, this particular Weekender is especially loaded with long live streams and whatnot. Take your time.

I started seeing a therapist during this second most recent run of overwhelming stress. I’m American, which means that I need health insurance to live; I am fortunately one of those Americans who has good health insurance, which means getting to pick a provider and even switch if we don’t work out. Fortunately, the person I chose has been spot-on. We had one of our regular meetings yesterday and were talking about my inability to associate positive actions with positive outcomes (basically, I might do something really well, but if any part of the process of getting there didn’t go perfectly, I obsess over that instead of being like, oh look, good things happened). She said, have you ever really let yourself be rewarded for those kinds of things though? And the answer was, actually, no. And what an insight that was. And then she told me to buy myself something nice or fun every time I meet a goal, even if it’s “put on button-down shirt” or “didn’t back over mailbox on the way to the store.” I need to have pleasurable outcomes from good actions.

So while it’s scorching out this next week or so, I’m going to watch every idol DVD I have. I’m going to revisit that time I met NECRONOMIDOL and gave Sari her tiara. I’m also going to smoke ribs and eat them. These are all good things. And you should do the same for yourself. Go tell someone something nice about them, then buy yourself ice cream. Be cool and good.

You Okay Bro?

Malcolm Mask McLaren have new outfits and a new song.

Get hype for Los An Jewels:

cyberMINK has done way better:

In names that I feel like I haven’t seen in ages, how about Kimi no Mawari?

Christ almighty, this is almost too much RAY:

Somebody volunteer to tell POPPING EMO that you should never title a song in a way that can be easily dismissed as hubris:


Hell yes!

This whelming PARADISES MV happened, all right:

The next iteration of their name should be crumble crutch:

For when you really just want to watch tipToe. chat:

You heard the ladies:

Yoneko Unplugged.

Among those things I’ll just never be able to follow accurately sit THE BANANA MONKEYS:

You should know and like GRATIA-ALA.

FRUN FRIN FRIENDS are becoming major players in the kawaii export business.

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is BiSH, who I/we may rag on for being pretty far from where they started anymore, but are still one of the more accessible and enjoyable acts out there in general. You likely saw the MV they dropped for the latest single:

But also:

So that’s pretty interesting. BiSH is always up to something, which is nice. I’m still holding out for that U.S. tour, though.

WACK must stipulate it in their contracts that their acts get tons of live video shared by the label:

Have we ever mentioned Dan te LionKannagi Rabbits:

You’re welcome:

Have a great weekend!