This Is a Maboroshi Karen GeNE Check-in Post

Somebody was passing around some Cute Gene video the other day (PIH? The Viz?) in a way that I made a note of it and immediately went back to business, only to then remember that I’d seen something days earlier and had no idea where to go, so then the only choice left is to go to the most immediate source there is, that being the subject itself.


Anyway, this was the original topic of conversation:

Fun! If you remember the last time we checked in on them, the Revolutionary Cute Gene was doing a little bit of the ol’ membership turnstile thing, and this current quintet is the result:


New outfits, too, which you can see really well here:

I’m glad to see these pro/near-pro shot videos. Mabokare is the kind of group that never seems to get the love that they deserve (proportionally, at least), but “we have enough money for a proper website and outfits and video editing” is usually a good thing. Like, not everybody’s going to Budokan, but you should at least be able to rub two coins together in your pocket after a show.