Visionary Cuteness with Maboroshi Karen GeNE

So last week, when we were talking about ska idols (skadols!), Pukovnik Krv recommended that we have a look at … well, judging by the title of the post, if you weren’t thinking it was about Maboroshi Karen GeNE (Twitter), what were you thinking?

As luck would have it, they rolled out a new video like literally the next day. Judge for yourself:

Hm. I feel the energy, and some of that bouncing ska beat. So what’s their deal?

They’re kind of new! Their first stuff on YouTube goes back about a year, but they just released their first single in June. Musically, they like their upbeated-ness for the most part, as you may have been able to tell, though they’ve done a bit of a … let’s call it a refocusing. How I mean that is that this is their first appearance online:

That’s so regular-ass idol that I think I’m going to be sick! Surely, there must be a little more go-for-it to them.

There is! And they’re kind of diverse across the board, like:

Why, that’s a nice bit of idorock! What else is there?

Okay, so it isn’t all ska-y and rock-y, but that’s okay. May as well just get acquainted!

FWIW, these girls weren’t the only idols referenced in last week’s thread. Stay tuned for more!

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