100 Days of Tsurezure, Day 76: Alignment

As you folks all know thanks to the Friday Fun and then of course hovering over Twitter for every #IdolAlignments submission, we’re doing alignment charts! For idols! I just threw one for the two main Codomomental groups onto Twitter (yes, left out milcboy and KTA), but it got me to thinking just how and where should the members of NSLE actually be situated on a proper alignment chart.

I called Komachi True Neutral, and I will brook no argument. She’s the person who does this:

Not an evil bone in her body, nor any particular attraction to nor revulsion from order. She’s too weird to be good, though.

I goofed on Tsuyame a little bit, calling her Neutral Evil; we’re probably looking more Neutral Good, I think:

That’s actually where I put Co3, largely because the two places that I wanted to have her, Chaotic Evil and Lawful Neutral, were taken. Why those disparities? Because actual, normal Cococo is a pretty solid person just going through life; penguin Cococo has a sewer lair in which she plots revenge against the surface world. And I won’t be completely sure that she’s been de-penguined until it’s confirmed by science. Her truest nature, though, is the gentle creature who did this:

As for Shidare, as leader and also a little twin-tailed ball of adorable fury, I put her in at Lawful Good, but let’s not kid ourselves:

She’s as Lawful Evil as it gets.

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  1. Co-cubed is a were-penguin they are pure evil in their penguin form, but only transform when the temperatures drop below freezing. Everything should be fine so long as she stays away from Hokkaido and Canada during winter.

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