And They Became

Quick update, thanks to your friend and mine (and Corenament champion!) Viz Major — do you remember that whole neat business with Maboroshi Karen GeNE becoming a new, independent follow-up project? This is the result, which is going by (the dot is not silent):

I’m not even going to pretend to know how to handle that song, which has so many likable things in it, nor where Maboroshi takes things from here, but this is a really good launchpad. Idol sometimes sticks the landing!

Maboroshi Karen GeNE Is Evolving

Does that pun work? I feel like it works, but in a really cerebral less ha-ha kind of way. Leave me alone.

Anyway! A little while back, Krv informed me that a long-time presence in the chika scene, Maboroshi Karen GeNE, was being disbanded. Boo, quoth I, as Mabokare have always been good if not as out-and-out noticeable as one might like. Which happens! There are a lot of idols, and even good stuff and projects that you enjoy can get a little lost in the shuffle. But, Krv continued, Mabokare as we knew it was going to go away, but more in the way that a particular species of lizards got left on an island and evolved a completely new way of eating within a handful of generations, that kind of way.

That’s a long way of saying that Mabokare is soon to be no more, and instead:

How new is a unit when it’s old members with a new name? Well, I mean, we already have PINKYCASE to demonstrate that new is nonetheless new! And the new unit is still so wedded to the old identity that not only are they almost totally literally called The Idol Formerly Known as Maboroshi Karen GeNE, but they’re just continuing straight on with the old brand while I guess they figure out exactly what new steps look like:

More obviously to come, but don’t you just love it when idols go “naw, we’re not actually done yet” and just keep on truckin’? We find out full next steps no later than April 14!

This Is a Maboroshi Karen GeNE Check-in Post

Somebody was passing around some Cute Gene video the other day (PIH? The Viz?) in a way that I made a note of it and immediately went back to business, only to then remember that I’d seen something days earlier and had no idea where to go, so then the only choice left is to go to the most immediate source there is, that being the subject itself.


Anyway, this was the original topic of conversation:

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Visionary Cuteness with Maboroshi Karen GeNE

So last week, when we were talking about ska idols (skadols!), Pukovnik Krv recommended that we have a look at … well, judging by the title of the post, if you weren’t thinking it was about Maboroshi Karen GeNE (Twitter), what were you thinking?

As luck would have it, they rolled out a new video like literally the next day. Judge for yourself:

Hm. I feel the energy, and some of that bouncing ska beat. So what’s their deal? Continue reading