There There Theres Daycare

It wasn’t going to take long; after they streamed and recorded their live for the single most difficult audience that any idol has ever faced (on a Beni-designed set, no less!), it was inevitable that an MV for the newest There There Theres single, “SOIL”, would be upon us. That “upon us” would mean figurative minutes in the grand sweeping narratives of time, that’s the closest thing to a surprise:

I got the OTOTOY download a little while back, and “SOIL” has been a big part of my at-work listening ever since. One thing about There There Theres that I find more interesting over time is how they retained the essence of Bellring Girls Heart — the same expressive, interpretation-oriented stage performance, the same halfway-through-the-acid-trip root sound — while taking most of the music in directions that are less post-mod and more “please take us to Coachella, we’re serious.” That an idol group’s take on late-era alt-rock would arguably be the most interesting thing at the festival is … yes, it’s an indictment of the festival, but it’s also a testament to the kind of artist that TTTs has been developing toward and still strives to be.

Anybody else see “SOIL” and get reminded of the last time that MTV gave a crap about Peter Gabriel?