Can Anybody Best the Corenament’s Final Four?

Wow, that weekend was a slaughter, both in the world of the Corenament and in the NCAA event itself — Sister Jean and Loyola University-Chicago continue to shock the world (divine intervention!), and so do some of our competition. And in the bottom half of the bracket, where losers dwell and try to redeem themselves, it was no less a bloodbath. I am most pleased!

Your Final Four: Kaqriyo Terror Architect (Daemon #2), BiSH (Viz Major #2), Minna no Kodomo-chan (Viz Major #6) and none other than Hanako-san (Rain #12). We’ll let them catch their breath for a few days while we let the LOSER’S BRACKET progress.

The weekend results were kind of extraordinary. NECRONOMIDOL? Despite their lifeline, done; PassCode? Clinging to life. 2&? I just wanted to type that. There There Theres? Because Necroma left a void (not the usual kind for them!) in the bracket, I thought it’d be fun to force Yanamyu to battle their big sisters, and on the day that the new “SOIL” MV reached the world.

Things accelerate from here: These matches are one-day-only affairs. If you support anybody in particular, I recommend aggressively reaching out to the world.

These winners will battle themselves down again tomorrow; the real Final Four will battle later in the week, with chances for redemption for the losers.

The final championship head-to-head will be Monday. We’re close, but still so far. Hold on to your butts.