There There There’s a Whole There There Theres Live to Watch

I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but here we are in the midst of yet another significant winter storm in the northeasterly quadrant of the United States (and probably also Canada!), though this one today is the first to bring appreciable snow to the National Capital Region. Everything is closed, and it’s just snowing-snowing-snowing. Perfect time to settle in for some idol live!

As it turns out, last night, There There Theres streamed a show on YouTube, I believe including filming for an MV for “Soil” (which is frankly incredibly overdue, but I digress), and it’s still alive and waiting for you to take it in, as you should do, right now, because There There Theres, now even more of a really-it’s-Bellring-Girls-Heart-with-some-adjustments thing going on what with all of the membership to-do, is genuinely one of the signature projects in the Chikaverse, and I will strong-arm people all day into at the very least appreciating what they do:

That name, though. Makes me think of my third-favorite recently deleted Facebook group. Also my backyard garden, which always craps out by midsummer on account of little sun as much as poor soil quality, but so it goes.

Also notable? Guess who helped with the set!

While the possibility that Beni eventually hangs up her stage performance in favor of moving into production (I propose Tweedol Quirkgirl as a name, you’re welcome) is a rabbit hole worth going down, I’d prefer to focus on the more immediate thing, being that I could not be more gladdened that she has friendship with Aqbi in the first place, but the cachet to get Tanaka-san’s attention as well. Holy smokes.

In other words, stay tuned for that “Soil” MV.

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