It’s Not Too Late to Download There There Theres’ ‘SOIL’

I’m so sorry for missing this one yesterday, but the powers that be at Aqbi are giving us all a chance at a free OTOTOY download of the latest single, or I guess just the A-side because that’s all that OTOTOY will let me download. Regardless!

That new logo though

Yes, it’s available for sale, and with all of the rest of the record as well, on Friday, so you might want to grab this track now. And by “might,” I mean “yes.”

I realize that there’s naught to do with it, but if I have a single complaint about the TTTs version of this long-running, outstanding, unique, iconic project, it’s that they haven’t taken enough advantage of popular media to really push the envelope. And maybe that’s Tanaka-san’s plan, to keep his favorite spiritual flagship moving at roughly the same speed and with roughly the same prime position in the chika scene, while Yanamyu makes the bigger bucks* and taking-a-flyer projects from MIGMA SHELTER to Gu-Gu LULU find their own place. Or something! I’m just thinking back to when I was first getting this joint started up, and it was a BRGH party (and 2016 was a hell of a year for them!). It would be incorrect to say that they just haven’t been the same since the changes, as I daresay that the music has never been better; I just feel like the objective of the group itself is now more we’re-good-here than we-want-to-do-Coachella.

Regardless, please give us an MV, Tanaka-san. When you do do it, it’s always an experience.

*I presume that they’re bigger bucks, what with the Perfect Music situation and all

Update: The family’s other downloads!