There Isn’t Enough Good Idol Metal, But Maybe Satanic Punish Can Fix It

Cheese and rice, it’s Wednesday? How did that happen? And where the hell has all of the cool new idol stuff been this week? That’s usually what gets the posting gears going, and once they start then it’s a lot easier to pick up a Let’s Discover or something otherwise waiting in the queue for an easier opportunity. BUT WHATEVER. I’ve had this track from Satanic Punish sitting in my personal New list on Spotify because I was afraid that if I played it, it would go away and I’d forget, so let’s talk about it.

I mean, first things being first, we have established that Satanic Punish owns, and that they should have way more fans and attention than they do. Great, good job. The second and more immediate piece of business is listening to this song, which they teased back at the turn of the year, but for the sake of argument let’s pretend is happening completely anew all of us, so we enjoy together as a team effort:

This song owns so hard! Right? Of course you don’t disagree. Your are happily nodding in agreement OR MAYBE IT’S THE TOTAL BOP THAT IS THIS SONG. Either way, you are doing well.

There’s something to be said for good, well-executed clean lead vocals and an excellent instrumental that all makes melodic sense. I personally could do without the added harsh vocals on this one, but it’s not like they take anything away from the whole so much as they’re like an appendix dressed in a cute little bowler hat and suspenders — at the end of the day, still unnecessary, but attractive anyway.

This is on some limited disk, so I guess streamers are your only source for this one unless you’re going to go to Japan and attend Satanic Punish gigs!