The Only Inconvenient Thing about Synth de La Eve’s First Single Will Be Acquiring It

I hate that it took me a couple of days to catch up on this item, but I didn’t even have time to listen to the dang thing, let alone appreciate it in MV form. But the wait was worth it.

Synth de La Eve, who are good and cool, have a first single out the door (yesterday!), and many of you chika aficionados should give it a genuine consideration:

I swear it, you guys, way back when I started to get into this loud idol business, I could have been perfectly happy settling into a world of Babymetal, post-BiS and Necroma and never batted an eye — it was this wild kind of synth-laden, unnecessarily beat-filled rock+ stuff that ultimately won me all the way over to the dark side. Have mercy. A lot of recent idol music that purports to be going for a heavy sound mostly just motions in the direction of the sub woofer; this one ever so barely pulls itself back from going Full Outrage. GIVE IN TO YOUR ANGER, SYNTH DE LE EVE.

I really wish them well. Like way too many genuinely-interesting-but-nonetheless-probably-doomed-to-fail idol groups, they have a scandalously low number of Twitter followers, and I can think of no greater bellwether of just how far you can stretch your wota to make the project financially worthwhile. Yeah, they’re only four months old, but still — and how many of them are Westerners who can only support from afar? Good luck.

Also, you silly billies, where you been? I see you chatting — we’ve known about Synth de La Eve for months!