Check out Synth de La Eve Uncorking This, uh, Corker

This video’s a few days old now, but I’ll also cop to saving it for a good time to share (rather than just forgetting, as is often the case); whichever one of you goofballs showed me Synth de La Eve turning it up to 11, a firm pat on the back to you!

A lot of folks got a good rise out of the emergence of Synth de La Eve several months back, and they had good momentum for a hot minute before getting a little lost in the shuffle. But they could always go, which is the nice thing, and “Broken the World” here just goes to show it. I particularly appreciate how, as a number of other idols have demonstrated is a good way to build your fan base, they’re straight-up mixing with loud-ass bands at loud-ass festivals in locations around the country:

To the point where I don’t even make the it’s-all-just-loud-music-idol-or-whatever point anymore

After the success of the show included above, they have another one-man coming up in August; good things could be afoot:

Why they’re calling their fans “Adam”, though, that one I could use some help with.

The Only Inconvenient Thing about Synth de La Eve’s First Single Will Be Acquiring It

I hate that it took me a couple of days to catch up on this item, but I didn’t even have time to listen to the dang thing, let alone appreciate it in MV form. But the wait was worth it.

Synth de La Eve, who are good and cool, have a first single out the door (yesterday!), and many of you chika aficionados should give it a genuine consideration:

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This Is Promising: Synth de La Eve

When was I complaining about idol being in the doldrums? Was that yesterday? Sure. Well, importantly, I forgot one key detail: It’s also debut season! Well, one of them. But like what I was saying about the whole “last year was so good” thing? Last year, right at this time, we had NEVE SLIDE DOWN debut, and BiS come back to life (so basically debut), and SiS for a hot minute, and Dots not long after. Autumn!

So this is how I show contrition and shut my mouth all at once:

You can thank Pure Idol Heart for tracking down another one. That’s Synth de La Eve (Twitter). I like them. Continue reading