Your Homicidols Weekender #55

Good morning, lovely people! The holidays are practically upon us, but I’m breaking with a longstanding tradition around Maniac mansion: Instead of listening to Christmas music 24/7 until at least New Year’s Eve, I’ve been getting my rock on as much as possible and feel very, very motivated to try out some projects that I’ve always wanted to get involved with. Ain’t music grand?

There’s going to be a lot to take in here, so I’ll dispense with business. Everything eligible for the Best Of this year has now been released, so think about those late additions and whether they rate for you; we’ll kick off those last-minute addition opportunities on Monday. I do believe that some opportunities exist to gamify this sucker again, though not to the hilarious extent of last year (seriously, I spent as much on shipping as I did on the site for the whole dang year); Match a Maniac will definitely be part of it, if not the only part of it. Again: Monday.

For now, you know the drill: Play the fun, and check out all of this good stuff; idol’s really closing the year with a bang.

This had better be good, Maniac

So NECRONOMIDOL is recording:

But first! If you wanted that sick DEATHLESS LP, you can order it now:

Kika has great taste:

Check out Batten Show Jo Tai doing their best Maison Book Girl impersonation:

Good find, Axel!

How about an interview with Kaqriyo Terror Architect?

Something’s up with Yuimetal, so those Legend S shows must be weird as hell:

Looks like we get another chance to #DailyPartyRockets for Party Rockets GT:

Once again, you guys: Pirate idols:

Hell yes!

I used to have an unhealthy obsession with Lawnmower Deth:

SHiX waited until I posted about them to share their new image:

It’s time for those You’ll Melt More! CMs:

Also, the YOUTOPIA album trailer:

I could not love Dots more:

To be honest, I expected something much darker from a group called Zombie Powder:

And speaking of Avandoned and Beni being pure musical joy:

You have to love what you’re doing to put up with the MIX every. damn. time


Here’s all of the new and banded-up DISDOL:

Even more FunFunFun!

Aphrodite can’t catch a break:

My goodness,

So mistress’s album:

I’m digging woltanative’s updated look:

This is what you call a festival:

Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da single cover art, etc.

Oh lord, Terry’s doing reaction videos now?


I love this tweet so much:

Because you should like HAMIDASYSTEM a lot, here’s their set from the DARKNESS OVER THE PACIFIC support gig with Necroma:

Neu-chan from JyuJyu goes Latin!

Has FES*TIVE always been this cool?

Or Chu*Oh!Dolly?


Have a great weekend!


I gave my heart to Negicco, but I’d give it to Vanilla Beans if it were still available

My penguin had her birthday

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  1. YOUTOPIA is super good. It makes me feel like I was taking YMM for granted in 2017. They were consistently peppering very strong singles throughout the entire year, and then you see it all lined up one one album and you remember that those are the 4 best girls in the game. I hesitated a moment before buying it for 15 bucks, but it’s like 25-30 in Japan, so I convinced myself it’s a steal. 😛

    Speaking of high prices, we’re about 25% of the way to our goal for the BiS Cannonball subtitles. That’s 50% of the way for Disc 1 🙂

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