(Do Not Ever) Break up Yanakoto Sotto Mute

Prepare yourself for the least subtle hints and outright idol worship that you’ll ever get from me — and that’s really saying something!

I obviously love every single thing about Yanakoto Sotto Mute. Their music is tops, and the visuals from the combination of their attire and choreography are almost peerless. I do, however, keep wondering when the well is going to run dry, when the necessities of business and keeping your fans happy and making important next steps up the brutal entertainment ladder start to constrict the creative vision and limit the choices and turn one of my very favorite things into a very timid that powered as much by nostalgia as talent.

And then they add another new song to their already impossibly dynamic catalogue and I turn into a slavering fanboy:

Thanks, Mr. Major!

They’re so perfect. I can’t. Why does such a thing exist in such an imperfect world? It’s heaven’s cruelest tease, to give us a glimpse of the wonders of true perfection but keeping them in reality so far away — geographically, philosophically and idolly! I feel like I need to send them improbably outsized gifts just to keep this flow of incredible going until my death.

Also? This is from that 7days countdown thing of uijin’s. I can’t imagine two groups that more totally belong together, or at least being on stage together if the universe were in fact trying to kill me dead.

Because I’ll do anything in my power to convince the world that Yanamyu is arguably the greatest thing in it, here’s them, live, with a band, from a few weeks ago:

The ECHOES one-man is going to be incredible. Please, YSM, teleport me to it.

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