The Most Twisted Thing Necronomidol’s Ever Done

Photos and video from Necronomidol‘s time in New Caledonia abound on official Twitter and Facebook, so go congratulate them on a great international tour there if you want. It is the Official Policy of*, however, to treat Necroma as the diabolical agents of darkness that they are, and we will instead focus on some very disturbing video.

If you don’t translate that: Basically, the girls in the still live at a Thai orphanage, where they’re studying Japanese. For reasons inexplicable to all good sense, their teacher (or possibly the demon possessing the teacher OR WORSE the Prince of Hell inhabiting one of the girls!) decided that learning Necronomidol songs was a good way to learn the language, and this is video of them singing “Umr at-Tawil.”

I do not speak Japanese. The song’s actual lyrics could be about puppies and rainbows. However, this is what Umr at-Tawil is.

Also, that song is great and I support any and all conversions to any and all religions if it happens to be involved in the process.

*It actually isn’t!