The Joke’s on Us for Joking about the WACK Shuffle; Election Impending

Well, at least all of that sudden noise is going to result in something more than a cynical cash grab.

Building on the (deserved) reception of SAiNT SEX and (sigh) the WACK shuffle album, the two-headed troll called Watakuma Kennosuke, in conjunction with the suits at avex, is going to hold … an idol election:

The top two vote-getters will get a solo single*; yes, the voting is facilitated by buying lots of CDs.

While I — and anybody else who begrudgingly admires SCRACK’s ability to make the literal most out of everything — try to figure out exactly how much and to what degree I hate this, I’m still going to stare at it in awe. I was considering this business when our friend the Papermaiden commented that WACK had become 48g, and maybe that’s actually the joke. Like how every gift from Loki carries with it the whiff of poison, the WACK trademark has always been to do the idol thing, but tilt it on its side a little bit; BiS didn’t anti idol by not doing handshake events and the like, but by taking the idea and turning it on its head. So, at the very least, this whole business should be entertaining. I bet they even manage to get another Niconico special out of the election results!

But imagine who the favorites could be! (Note: Of course the results will be at the very least manipulated, if not entirely predetermined.) Aina is too easy, though she’s certainly being positioned for a solo career. Pour Lui as a career capper? Something really random, like Ayuni D and Momoland? I can’t imagine that the winners would be anybody who avex wouldn’t be completely comfortable with in terms of business development.

Also, thank the gods that BILLIE IDLE is being spared this farce.

*That’s the “something more,” btw; the whole thing is, in fact, a cynical cash grab, because that’s what just about all business is

23 thoughts on “The Joke’s on Us for Joking about the WACK Shuffle; Election Impending

      • In fairness rising in opposition to this statement would be like rising opposition to the sun rising in the east.
        Homicidols does a story about some Wack stunt, Mister Mister calls Wack AKB48 for hipsters and water remains wet.

        • Also any opposition to that statement is futile because the statement is 100% correct, as has been proven over and over including by the news in this very article. ;P

          • I didn’t say you were wrong, I expect that Watanabe sees himself as Malcom McLaren to Akimoto Yasushi’s Colonel Tom Parker/Barry Gordy. I’m not accusing you of being wrong, I’m accusing you of of something far worse, being tedious.

        • Water remains wet, the shit remains wet, Watanabe’s ass remains wet and the world keeps spinning around, this is truth…

          But man, all this is pure shit48. Is a fact.

    • Don’t underestimate wotas’ fascination with Ayuni D! The only thing we know for sure is that Lingling WON’T be getting a solo single 🙁 – but if she did, it would have to be batshit like the world has never seen.
      Then again, I bet these solo singles have already been recorded. I’d bet on Aina, but I’d hope for Saki.

  1. All this shit begins to be unbearable.
    Currently and with the exception of Billie Idle i don´t care less all this Wack’s shit, but when i see how assholewatanabe destroy all the things that BiS created i get really pissed off.

  2. Momoland. Solo. MiND BLOWN!! AiNA’s gonna have a solo whether she wins or not. (Which she will. :/ ) Agree on 48g for hipsters! LOL

  3. Here is an idea, why don’t you try to enjoy something for a change. Looks like what we have here is a bunch of bitter old curmudgeons cranky because the neighborhood kids got to close to the lawn.

    Oh, by the way, all “alt” idol is more obscure than anything hipsters listen too. Just remember that. Well, except maybe Tibetan throat singing.

    • Sorry but NO.
      If someone has to “try to enjoy” things that means it’s not very good in the first place which leads to supporting and praising mediocrity because it’s “our” mediocrity, which is always damaging in the long run.

      I would rather keep my high standards and enjoy, support and praise the things that are actually worthy.

      • Inflated sense of self importance. check
        Repeating the same criticisms over and over. check
        Thinking your opinion is fact. check
        Telling other people what their opinion actually is. check
        It’s time to change your screen name to Hipster Hipster.

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