IDOL is LAZY, Apparently

I kid, I kid. You know that I’m pretty eagerly looking forward to whatever it is that WACK ultimately gets around to releasing from its stable, maybe except for EMPiRE, but especially BiSH now that Dickhead called the as-yet-unannounced album a “masterpiece” (he also teased new BiS auditions, for what that’s worth).

Anyway, the point is, when I see that there’s going to be a shuffle unit best-of-plus-covers-plus-etc CD coming out …

… but not, you know, actual albums or singles or anything, I feel a little let down.

and of course it’s all about me!

No, there’s no need to go on a WHY YOU THINK YOU TOO GOOD TO RECORD fit (tempting though it sometimes is!). It’s fine. It’s actually all about the SCRAMBLESversary, which I didn’t realize was such a relatively new thing. So fine! A bunch of Kenta songs, and also songs that Kenta didn’t write(?), but are notable from the groups involved? Yes, I’m being kind of lazy in my own way.

Also, I have a feeling that we’ll get more shuffle unit kinds of stuff as a result of a shuffle unit that comes out of nowhere and kicks ass. I want to say, “Imagine being Pour Lui right now,” but not only has she probably signed off on it, it might even be her idea. That is the idol dream, after all — easy money.

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