What the FXXK: We Don’t Deserve This WACK Collaboration

The things that I wake up to:

What the ever-loving–

Oh sweet baby Jesus.

This whole “WACK Family” business (as it’s officially called btw, I’m not just a very clever as well as handsome man) has borne fruit, then.

SAiNT SEX’s work is a very nice troll back at us people, I think. At 2,000 units and coming with a limited edition T-shirt and only being sold at Tower and with promotional appearance to boot, I’m thinking, Watanabe has figured out a great way to pick up an endorsement for the family, and also make some easy money, and also BUILD THAT BRAND. One wouldn’t think that you’d need to do any of that, and there is a pre-existing relationship with Tower via GANG PARADE and T-PALETTE (as well as all the usual stuff), but business is almost always more than you see in front of you.

Anyway, holy crap, that just happened.

7 thoughts on “What the FXXK: We Don’t Deserve This WACK Collaboration

  1. I can find Wantanabe’s antics as tiresome as the next person, but he didn’t become the Akimoto Yashushi of alt-idol by being a complete incompetent.

  2. The funny thing is this shuffle group was revealed in some publication I can’t remember about a week ago I believe. Though nobody expected it to drop so soon.

    That name is still terrible LMAO but as for the group all I can say is that’s Pour Lui & Aina-chan. In the same unit. TOGETHER. Freaking double dose of goddess action there.

  3. At this point I want to thank Wantanabe and the Wack family for releasing something fun, cool and surprising on what between Vegas and Tom Petty has proven to be a really shitty last 24 hours.

  4. Watanabe really does know what he’s doing; he even got the ratio right by including more GP members than BiS or BiSH 😛

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