The Idol Formerly Known as Ladybaby Might Be a Big Deal

Ever since Ladybeard rather unceremoniously left Ladybaby, thereby taking away what was for many the most interesting part of the group, there’s been ardent speculation from viewers pro and con about whether the big live planned for Sept. 17 (that’s yesterday, you jamokes) was going to be the beginning of the end or a new beginning, period (that whole “we’re releasing a best-of” thing complicated it somewhat).

After yesterday’s show, I think they’ll be fine.

Update: There are great observations about this on Facebook.

The big outcomes are:

  • They’ve signed with King Records and will make their major debut (a single) in November
  • To support that, they’ll be doing a three-city tour in February
  • They performed the single after the announcement, and I’d love to know what it sounds likewss

There was a lot more that happened, obviously, and I’d love for a little video of their supporting acts, too, but you can find the relevant details (and some nice photos) in this article.

Now, for disclosure’s sake, let it be said that this guy was not a Ladybaby fan, going back to when this site started to come together, but was slowly won over on the strength of their most recent releases with Ladybeard and learning a few things about where they fit within the broader idol scene — friends and allies, that sort of thing. So the Idol Formerly Known as Ladybaby is and will remain a thing that I’m going to watch closely, mostly to see if they can take their sound in interesting directions without built-in harsh vocals.

3 thoughts on “The Idol Formerly Known as Ladybaby Might Be a Big Deal

  1. Am i imagining things or was the response to this concert… a bit muted?

    I have scoured everything from idol forums to facebook groups and even did a twitter search and went to the depths of reddit… Not a lot of people seem to be talking about this show or the announcements?

    Or am i just not looking in the right places?

      • I should have specified that i meant non-Japanese people talking about it.
        That Facebook group is one of the ones i checked in on. “Kinda talking about it” is about right.
        I just did another twitter search to make sure i didn’t mess something and for the last day and a half i found way more people quoting that running man challenge song than talking about the show or announcements.

        I feel like as the chatter i see on social media is barely higher than what i saw from the Bellring Girls Heart show a couple of days ago.

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