Your Homicidols Weekender #41

Welcome to Saturday! I had a bad week. But we had a great one! #WorldDotmination was our most successful fan-to-idol tribute event yet, and … well, it was actually kind of a slow week, or it seemed like it because I had a bad case of the Trying to Dies. I’ll try to avoid that in the future.

Summer’s almost over, too, it suddenly dawns on me. Time to make some lemonade and chomp on a cigar while mowing the lawn! If I had kids to swear at, I’d do that, too. As for you guys, play the Fun and take a fun little stroll through the Weekender!

This Is Gonna Be Stupid, Isn’t It?

Friend of the show Amina du Jean has me very excited about her project:

Zekkyou’s headlining this thing:

The Boss is inventive:

Everybody’s feeling black metal these days:

I bet this sounds pretty great!

She may be part of Kaqriyo Terror Architect, but the idol formerly known as Nayuta appears to still be up to something with

PassCode’s Hina has a hell of a film career ahead of her:

Watch a perfect thing, like Yanakoto Sotto Mute’s one-man:

I’m trying to figure out how a two-person unit has a temporary side unit of the same two people, but that’s idol, and PiGU is idol:

They had a great time at their first Tokyo one-man, which was inexplicably not really a one-man, but whatever:

You’ll Melt More! must be like Chev Chelios; if they ever stop, they die:

The nWo look is good, but the Saki look is better, especially for my girl Zeela:

This shirt for Kika’s birthday, though, is the best BiS thing ever:

This is your chance to join the Trash-Up!! team and audition for SAKA-SAMA:

Has Hanako-san <gasp!> made a friend?

Nobody self-promotes with their own stuff quite like Ten Tenko:

A little bit of I’m Just Calling Them Ladybaby from Now On ahead of the full MV release:

Of course there’s STARMARIE:

This’ll be fun:

The birth of EMPiRE:

Have a great weekend!