Avandoned Is Taking a Break

As befits the world’s biggest Avandoned fan, Brian shared this a couple of days ago with a small tear and a hopeful smile:

Kotao being a high school senior (presumably), she’d like to be able to focus on her college entrance exams. Ordinarily? That’s terrible news! For everybody but Kotao! But this is easily the first official hiatus announcement that made glad to see it.

Avandoned being something worth keeping alive, and Kotao being the kind of person who makes other people’s lives a little more fun, and presumably also because there’s a gets-her-fingers-broken clause in her contract Kotao enjoys what she does, it’s literally just a break so she can get her exams done — Official is literally saying “hey listen we’re taking off in October and see you in March.”

So that’s good news! I’d hate for Beni to have to re-figure-out how to make her wonderful little project work, and I’m glad that she can get a bit of a rest, too. And good luck to Kotao, aka The World’s Greatest Cheki Maker:

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