Oshi Digest #2: Sensu

Welcome to the Oshi Digest! Sari, the macabre painted demon of NECRONOMIDOL, was the winner of Queen of the Scene, thereby elevating her to the status of Official Oshi of Homicidols.com, a crown she will wear until she’s dethroned. Good luck, mere mortals!

Did you know that oshi is kind of a goofball sometimes?

She can also kick back like none other:

But she does have that uncanny, otherworldly, somewhat unsettlingly vampiric elegance at all times:

I think something happened with oshi’s rumored-but-like-never-consummated project with the epic Utane Yuki of PSYBOU KANOJO/Nameless fame:

You see tea; I see a witch’s altar:

Remember, children, that oshi owns your soul: