The End of PLIC PROCK Is Nigh

I thought it might be a good idea to check in on the Path to Oblivion that PLIC PROCK has been on, and I see that the final live has been scheduled:

That’ll be nice. But man, what a letdown, and what a bizarrely poetic way for them to go out.

If you didn’t know but are nonetheless curious, PLIC PROCK is idol’s Frank Grimes — a group of dancers-turned-idols originally called Parallel Japan, they had a ton of potential right out of the gate, but a never-ending series of unfortunate events kept holding them back. In their final days as Parallel, they had even hooked up with Daichi and A-minor, presumably to get better booking and maybe some songwriting help. That didn’t work out and they re-struck out independently, rebranded as PLIC PROCK, and always seemed to be right at the cusp of something.

Being some of the best dancers in the business certainly helped

After a year of fighting for space and opportunity, and like four years into chasing this wild idol dream, they the cracks started to show. Asumi announced that she was leaving a while back, then Yui teased the same, and it’s basically been a long wait for this moment since then. I even saw the other day that Sari had changed her handle to @SARI_SENSEI, which is usually a pretty good indicator of where things stand.

Look at these family photos, though:

I don’t think there are any regrets.

It’s going to be sad to see PLIC PROCK go, though. They were always one of my personal yeah-but-have-you-seen idol groups, legitimately heavier than most, occasionally a little bit weird, and always with an incredibly physically intense stage presence. And they made it work, as well as anybody who could never catch a break could.