Here’s the Full Digest Version of PassCode’s ‘Ray’

It’s a slower day in idol, folks, and I neglected to work the Soundcloud clips into the Weekender, so let’s all gawk at PassCode’s splice of the tracks available on “Ray”:

I previously called the title track itself maybe my favorite piece of new music of theirs since the release of “MISS UNLIMITED”, and this frankly backs that up well. It’s even structured a lot like that (pretty legendary-like, honestly) release, with the catchy Radio PassCode lead, and the Heavy PassCode and Heavy Dance PassCode B-sides. “TRICKSTER”, just in short form, is menacingly shaking its fist at many of my past favorite Heavy PassCode tracks, and I can’t wait to hear it in full.

No, I haven’t downloaded the record yet, why do you ask?

By the way, have you seen how well this has charted?

It’s “just” iTunes, but come on; Honduras has the most per capita PassCode fans outside of Japan, it seems. Also, Australia and the USA, get your heads out of your butts. You can use the handy link here to download from the source of your choice!