The End of PLIC PROCK Is Nigh

I thought it might be a good idea to check in on the Path to Oblivion that PLIC PROCK has been on, and I see that the final live has been scheduled:

That’ll be nice. But man, what a letdown, and what a bizarrely poetic way for them to go out. Continue reading


PLIC PROCK’s long-awaited farewell one-man for Asumi happened the other day, but it took the media some minutes to work their way out of the Internet woodwork. I didn’t know that the Idols Formerly Known as Parallel Japan could draw so well, but this is a nice crowd:

Here’s Asumi’s final message:

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There’s Just One Thing Missing from PLIC PROCK

It’s the vocals! Which .. hey, placeholder synths can do a good job of illustrating what’s up, right?

This of course comes at a tremendously bittersweet time for ol’ PLIC PROCK, with Asumi on her way out the door and exactly what’s next for the group in doubt; the former Parallel Japan’s star-crossed existence getting yet another kick in the junk for no reason other than the universe being a cruel, meaningless place where joy itself has no greater worth than the synapses firing to create it. Continue reading


If you follow the story of Parallel / PLIC PROCK at all, you know that they’ve never had an easy time with this whole idol thing. Minus a silo explosion*, they’re basically idol’s Frank Grimes**

But on Dec. 12, they’re having themselves a one-man. That’s great! Less great is that Asumi will be withdrawing from the group at that show:

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PLICPROCK Updated a Classic of Theirs

I don’t know if it requires particularly in-depth anything, and I was tempted to find another use for the video, but those of you who might be new to this whole thing and/or haven’t had a good chance to give PLICPROCK a good chance might appreciate their release of a … actually, it’s interesting:

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PLIC PROCK Just Made a Huge, Nice Pivot

“Oh neat, a new PLIC PROCK MV!” said I yesterday as the buzz exploded through my MTs. “I can’t wait to see their next adventures through very loud idolcore with very cool and good choreography!”

Boy, was I surprised.

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I Love This New One from PLIC PROCK So Much

Man, you guys, I’m kind of mad that I’m only publishing this piece now; it deserved better. But! Here we are, it’s Monday, and this is a great way to kick-start the week.

PLIC PROCK! The idols formerly known as Parallel Japan and formerly known as Parallel 5 and often just called Parallel. About a year ago, I thought that they might have themselves a proper breakout, being that they’re a) good b) loud and c) pretty friggin’ good dancers to boot. I don’t think it ever happened, and, other than the re-brand as PLIC PROCK back at the first of the year, they’ve been quiet.

Until yesterday!

Thank you, Caleb!

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