The Case of the Missing Ophelia 20mg MV

You haven’t seen me reference her all that much in a good long while, but long-time (or at least astute) readers may know that I hold solo super-chika Osaka-based idol Ophelia 20mg in a special place in my heart. I love the way she grinds away in the scene, making what I presume is a nice backup living, and clearly having a great time at it. She’s also a really snappy dresser who can get away with wearing whatever she wants because, like, there’s nobody else in a group of one to coordinate outfits with.

All of that being said, ever since her nice run of MVs to celebrate her album release last year, it’s been quiet in the ongoing unrequited relationship between Ophetan and I do check in sometimes (she’s my solo super-chika Osaka idol oshi, after all), though not as often as I used to. Sad.

But here’s what’s really sad! I felt like Sunday evening was going to be a good time to see what she was up to, and to the Twitter machine I went, and there I looked … only to discover that my girl had released a new song! With an MV! And apparently a DVD! A while ago! Like, this was released back in April:

She tweeted this the day before the release was scheduled:

And … nothing. No MV! Go ahead and look at her personal official Twitter. Go look at the act’s official Twitter, or manager-san’s. Look at the YouTube channel. The MV doesn’t exist. I even took the unprecedented (and, frankly, well too professional and journalistic) step of reaching out to manager-san to see if I was missing something, to no response.

So, friends: Have you seen it? Do you know if something happened? I want info!