There’s One More MV from My Girl Ophelia 20mg

I want the world for hard-working indie solo idol Ophelia 20mg. I don’t know much about her, and info in a language that I can actually understand is in short supply, but I enjoy her music and commitment to on-stage fashion dos, plus the fact that she’s doing it from Osaka, which might be my favorite local scene in the business.

She dropped a couple of full-version videos recently, sort of making good on a long run-up of progress; on Saturday, another fresh video hit YouTube:

It’s even getting attention from other idol sites, which makes me really happy for her.

As it turns out, this is all promo for her first album:

This pleases me.

Now, Ophetan is currently in the Corenament, having won the regular season title for the Joan Jett Conference, so there’s really no pressure (ahem) to help her out a little later in the week when she enters the conference tourney and potentially ruins the dream of a figurative Cinderella …