Let’s All Say Hi to POPPING EMO

Doop-dee-doop, scrolling through Twitter … hello, what’s this?

Pro tip, friends: There are lots of ways to stumble over new idol stuff, but the most reliable will always be what other idols tweet about, especially when it’s groups promoting mixed shows. In this case, it was POPPING EMO that stood out in particular, because what a name. A few clicks later, and:

As it turns out, their Soundcloud is gold if idol rock performed by idols whose name sounds like somebody who either loves or hates Saves the Day and All Time Low* is your thing. I thought that they must be releasing an album, given all of the tracks they’ve shared, but nope! It’s just to promote themselves.

In fact, they just released their first real-deal MV the other day:

Incredible timing

Here’s the live experience:

Now, all of that, it wasn’t the first time that I’d seen the POPPING EMO name, but I was still surprised that they’ve been around for a year at this point, basically. Good for them that they’re rubbing shoulders with some sizable names, and even had a one-man over the weekend:

And are friends with Kenta?

Regardless, this is a nice start. More power to them.

*All Time Low is hot garbage

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