I’m Almost Too Excited about the New NSLE Album

If you’re follower of Homicidols on Twitter (and, if you’re reading this, you almost assuredly are), you may have noticed that ol’ Maniac was at a show the other night. It was Code Orange’s Pittsburgh homecoming, supported by a handful of likewise loud-inclined bands that included another rapidly up-and-coming hardcore unit, Harm’s Way.* It was an exhilarating experience to say the least, and it got me down onto the floor and ultimately all the way into the pit once “The New Reality” started because ARE YOU THE HAMMER OR THE NAAAAAIIIIIIIILLLLL? (I opted to be the hammer). I am old, however, and hardcore pits are nothing to mess around with, so it was not a long sojourn!

It did give me time to be close in, though, and observe and think. I don’t go to as many shows as I used to, so the days of doing things like seeing a really crappy death metal-oriented version of Lamb of God open for GWAR years before they made it big, those days are mostly gone. Still, you never know, maybe one of those opening acts will be the next to emerge from random basements in Oakland to punch the entire world in the mouth,** so it’s worth paying attention.

I like to insert idols into the bill. It’s just a mental game, obviously, as we have not yet progressed to the point where idols either in or coming to the West are regularly doing joint shows with bands.*** But it’s a fun game, matching idol acts with the bands on a bill, imagining how different or like performances might line up well. I like to talk about fantasy booking, getting so-and-so idols together for X, Y and Z events and whatnot, but this little exercise is always my favorite kind of fantasy booking, as it’s also how I imagine creating idol fans out of the whole cloth of basement-dwelling straight edge scene kids.

And I almost always come back to Yukueshirezutsurezure.

You’ve probably seen by now that they’re getting out a new album on August 1, announced per time-honored Codomomental tradition:

Tsurezure went through a rough patch, their first real challenge since debuting in the long sunsetting shadows of 2015, when Cococo abruptly announced that she was leaving last year; since, despite replacing the Cubed One, they’ve only had the one single release, which is practically unheard of for an act under their management. That they’re gearing up for a full album in the heat of summer, two years and change since Antino MIdeology, is a neat way to square that circle and get back to face-melting business.

Because it’s always Tsurezure for me. I have my idol favorites, and I have acts that I think would work well in a Western, non-wota context if given a chance to do so, but Tsurezure is part of that short list of acts that would very neatly fulfill the mission statement of Homicidols.com, being the nearest thing to an apotheosis of loud idol that can build bridges and break niches and not have to wink at the camera along the way.

There’s an album. Coming. Soon. I’m praying for it to be as good as I’m already shaping it up to be in my brain. And, with that, I want to be able to see them on foreign stages — not as part of a dedicated Japanese music showcase, not as part of an idol lineup, but as an act that happens to be idol and also happens to be loud and good — doing shows with bands of substance, growling and singing their way into the hearts of people who’d never look their way otherwise.

With this, gods be good

*Funny story: I’ve been listening to Harm’s Way for a while, but I’d never really looked them up, YouTube or otherwise. So when I went to their merch table to get a shirt and CD, I had no idea that I should be prepared to speak to the John Cena-looking dude behind the table. He rang me up, had some trouble with his Square, and was pleasant. About an hour later, he was screaming at me from the stage. It was very cool.
**I recommend looking up Eternal Sleep!
***You know what I mean

3 thoughts on “I’m Almost Too Excited about the New NSLE Album

  1. allright, random thoughts:
    Harm Done > Harm’s Way
    Idol pits are really odd and soft and therefore scare me more than the real deal.
    you should check out The Body, i know you’ve claimed Code Orange to be the heaviest band in existence, but i disagree.
    (in all honestly one song does not do them justice, they change style amost every album)
    and last but not least, man am i really damn happy they finally get a new album! my favorite tracks of them where released after the 2nd album and i hate CD EP’s/singles. that shit only works on vinyl.

      • well yeah, your opening post was all over the place so that gave me too much freedom 😉
        ive been meaning to mention The Body on there before tho, that new Minna No Kodomo-chan track reminded me of the I Shall Die Here album. and the video had parts that reminded me of the video to An Altar or A Grave.
        now The Body have done many collaborations with artist from all over the board. is it too much for me to hope for a little The Body / Minna No Kodomo-chan collab?? (i guess it is, but just imagine how badass that would be!)

        well i completely derailed everything now.. sorry 😉

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