Thanks for Giving Me a Reason, Fullfull Pocket

Once upon a time, a more wide-eyed but less adventurous Maniac was going through some idol sets and doing the obligatory YouTube-it-and-see-if-it’s-cool thing. One of the things that came up during that adventure was Fullfull Pocket (Twitter), who at the time struck me as being, well, kind of alt-interesting in the way that amiinA and sora tob sakana are*, but not really something that I was going to devote time or energy to, certainly not in a world filled with the bright shining lights of & Crazy and Haloperi Doll**. The only other time that I really dipped my toe in was when Hauptharmonie was touring around and including Fullfull Pocket on the roster, and even then I wasn’t all that moved.

It may surprise you to know that I’m sometimes an idiot!

It turns out that, while they do sometimes default to interesting music that’s nonetheless not really in this particular site’s wheelhouse …

… they don’t shy away from mixing in good rock sounds without necessarily spilling over into all-out RAWK territory.

I recommend taking a little swing through their YouTube channel, is what I’m saying. They’re kind of like a gateway drug for “normal” idols. You might get a kick out of them.

*Allow me to clarify: There’s nothing “kind of” interesting about amiinA, who are amazing, or sora tob sakana, who are moreso
**That’s the joke