Would You Like to Help Fullfull Pocket Plan Their Set?

Kinda needed this one after that other business

This is such a cool promotion! Fullfull Pocket, who are plenty of fun if you’re willing to give some rather tradols a try,

Basically, for their regular lives beginning Oct. 9, fans are invited to submit their personal Fullfull Pocket top 10; management will turn the aggregate into a list of what the fans writ large want to hear, and then the members decide the set list. Neat! Continue reading

Thanks for Giving Me a Reason, Fullfull Pocket

Once upon a time, a more wide-eyed but less adventurous Maniac was going through some idol sets and doing the obligatory YouTube-it-and-see-if-it’s-cool thing. One of the things that came up during that adventure was Fullfull Pocket (Twitter), who at the time struck me as being, well, kind of alt-interesting in the way that amiinA and sora tob sakana are*, but not really something that I was going to devote time or energy to, certainly not in a world filled with the bright shining lights of & Crazy and Haloperi Doll**. The only other time that I really dipped my toe in was when Hauptharmonie was touring around and including Fullfull Pocket on the roster, and even then I wasn’t all that moved.

It may surprise you to know that I’m sometimes an idiot! Continue reading