You Might Melt More Seeing the New Hauptharmonie

A lot of really cool and exciting stuff has happened this week, but I’ll completely own the fact that I may have been the most pleased as punch by this little bit of news:

At first glance, hey cool, new members and a headliner tour for Hauptharmonie! With sora tob sakana and Fullfull Pocket at the final! Neato!

Wait, something about loosening a motor? And that one member …


Banner for Japanese jazzcore and shoegazer idol group Hauptharmonie


For those unfamiliar with the young woman of whom I mark the hell out, that is Mone, formerly of You’ll Melt More! and last seen tearing a bunch of people’s goddamn hearts out here:

Man, that never gets easier

She is no longer Mone! I guess her IRL name is Ichihana Kotobuki, and her Hauptharmonie name is Ichihana Sui. Along with another new member known as Ginrin (Shirogane Rin), she joined the group at yesterday night’s celebration. I will murder entire anthills to find video of that.

And like we were chatting about on Twitter yesterday, damn, this is a perfect spot for Mone Sui to land. She even just looks like she belongs, just in a promo photo. On stage, channeling some of that I-know-how-to-play-weird experience? Have mercy.

And I’m sorry, Ginrin, I bet you’re cool, too. There are just a lot of Artist Formerly Known as Mone fans around here.

More overall info here.

Update: And here’s video of the newly fully fledged Hauptharmonie in action!

My girl Sui killed it.

And updated Twitter for everybody:

9 thoughts on “You Might Melt More Seeing the New Hauptharmonie

  1. I didn’t know she kept her twitter account going this whole time! If you scroll down far enough on @sui_harmonie, you start getting into YMM tweets.
    Finally some nice news about roster changes 🙂
    Also, don’t the translators always say “Loosening Mode!?”

  2. I don’t know why the scene at the end of the video is still so heavy. Everyone’s doing fine! What are all these emotions I’m feeling?!
    Imagine a Billie Idle video where they went back to the curry restaurant from Be-bop tu-tu, except this time Yasui’s working there for real? I am so sorry.

    • You *ass*! Btw, have you found her on Twitter yet?

      As to why the feels, I think it’s because Mone and Chibo were both involved in one of the really great runs of music and video in history. That’s the version of YMM that’s (rightfully) burned into my brain, at least. The current quartet is perfectly, absolutely fine and still cranking out stuff that 99 percent of all other idols can only dream about doing, but it still feels a little less epic than where they all were together a year ago.

      • Folks on JPopSuki linked to YY’s Twitter but they said it was meant to be a “secret” despite her tweets being like “follow me, please!”
        They also wouldn’t say how they found it, and her few dozen followers were pretty much all JPS people. I actually went to check it after I made that comment above (wracked with guilt), and I see she’s made it private. It’s all so mysterious.
        And I totally agree with your thoughts about the YMM lineup. The current one is still killin’ it. I kinda wondered if groups had to hover around ~6 members for tax reasons or something.

          • I’m not signed into Twitter at work, I might have to get the app. Just like a normal person!
            I don’t mean to derail the comments here, but I’m happy to turn any conversation into a chat about how great my Yasui Yuuhi is. When she was on Instagram, she was the most entertaining and endearing idol in the biz.

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