Yanakoto Sotto Mute Sustains My Very Existence, I Swear It

It’s safe to say that I didn’t figure on waking up to a Yanakoto Sotto Mute EP announcement this morning, but that’s what happened!

The digital pre-release is just a week away! What!

They were obviously working on something in the near-term future, but man, just a week before the sucker hits iTunes? That’s bold.

But! I could stand to be not only interested, but very interested in the insertion of a little more punk into YSM’s sound. On the flipside, I am not in the least bit encouraged by their sudden removal to what appears to be a desert (or maybe a really giant-ass beach), and the cover art, which has the cowl-smock-thing disintegrating.

Don’t you dare touch my Yanamyu, Evil Terrible World. You leave the few perfect things that we have alone.

4 thoughts on “Yanakoto Sotto Mute Sustains My Very Existence, I Swear It

  1. I’m assuming that since their anniversary thing they have been wearing new outfits(with the blue highlights), so this is to symbolise them shedding there old skin (outfits) and moving on to the future of YSM, just an idea of course.

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