This Is Gonna Be Weird! BiSH Cannonball Episode 1 Finally Available

Oh man, do you remember this? No? Like, maybe all of 20 people would look at the average post every day then, and half of them had “bot” in their names?

Anyway! BiSH Cannonball was a weird, barely understand day-long competition in which the six (Hug Me era) members formed into pairs and partnered with a member of the WACK staff and did this weird race/points competition, all while being filmed. It streamed live, and we were all threatened promised that it would eventually be released onto DVD. This is just as good!

The winning team got a cash prize and some other stuff, IIRC, but the losers had a penalty. My fantasy scenario — that they’d be shot out of a cannon, because that makes sense, Junnosuke, it’s right there in the title turned out to not be real; instead, bungee jumping and maybe something else. We won’t know until we watch, I guess!

BTW, this things are great for testing your patience / ability to communicate cross-culturally. How long can you watch and actually pay attention despite not being able to speak the language?

3 thoughts on “This Is Gonna Be Weird! BiSH Cannonball Episode 1 Finally Available

  1. OK, watching it now, from what I can tell they’re getting bonus points for convincing people to watch their music videos and for doing stupid stuff that amuses those watching. They lose points for losing at rock/paper/scissors and I think for meeting fans?

    This is extremely confusing.

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