Sales of Firearms to Skyrocket: Kiminosei Already Back in the Studio

So this is what they’ve been up to. May the gods help us all.

That’s okay, guys. I didn’t actually need to feel any better about myself or anything.

7 thoughts on “Sales of Firearms to Skyrocket: Kiminosei Already Back in the Studio

  1. I’ve been somewhat entertained by their “Angry Disney” style of music so far, but the depiction of children with guns in their videos is a definite no no. In this day and age these topics are very polarizing and mostly frowned upon. Their videos should come with a trigger warning for those who are against gun violence. Maybe they didn’t get the memo, c’mon, it’s 2016 already.

    • Your comment needs a trigger warning. ****Warning: Facetious, Smart Assery Ahead****. We suspect you possess more armaments than Delta Force. By the way, how was your “Chikyu no Oheso” experience??

      • Sweetheart, there isn’t enough space on this page to describe what I saw. What I will say is that in terms of production and showmanship, the gap between the leader and them just got smaller, and the gap between them and the rest just opened up like the Grand Canyon. I hope all the younger groups get to experience that level of success at some point.

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