Some Clever Person Has Posted All of BiS’s Farewell Live to YouTube and My Life Just Ended

This has happened before, only to have select videos get pulled; these have been in place for almost two months, so we may yet have a source for the closest thing to a full BiSreunion for “nerve” that has ever happened.

Watch the whole thing:

My favorite thing about this show, forever and always, is that it’s one of the only ways for a person like me (that is, too lazy/cheap to acquire their CDs even though they’re pretty available) to hear some of the less popularly prominent parts of the BiSography. For instance:

“I wish I was SpecIaL”


This is a Maniac favorite. If you like me, like this song for me.

“survival dance / no no cry more”

This song could also be titled “SCRAMBLES Punk Template #2” and be just as accurate.

And if you know what’s good for you, watch this version of “PPCC” if for no greater reason than to have First Summer Uika address you directly, which has been known to cure cancer.

At no other point have I nor will I want to be a camera.

You don’t have to love BiS. You don’t even have to like BiS. Hell, I know completely deranged people who don’t think The Who are all that great (I don’t know them for long, but still). All well and good. But you have to respect this shit. This whole shebang? It doesn’t exist without this ever-rotating gaggle of weirdos and perverts doing their thing.

3 thoughts on “Some Clever Person Has Posted All of BiS’s Farewell Live to YouTube and My Life Just Ended

  1. Maniac, you have it spot on this concert is awesome , i have the DVD (the blu-ray costs too much!), it is one of my favorite (non-Babymetal) concerts (you should check out the Bish one that comes with the new single too – pricey tho’). Just enjoy that BiS goodness!!

  2. Have you seen their Shimokita Shelter gig held the day after Yokohama Arena? The tickets were at insane prices and they served junk food to the audience. I would have given my left kidney for being there, it´s pure magic.

    Also, I´m a sucker for Chelsea too, the best Stooges song not written by The Stooges, love it!

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