And You Thought the First One Was Good: Inside the Minds of Yuimetal and Moametal

Thomas Malone posted his translation of another Rockin’ on Babymetal interview, this one with the group’s living personality, Yuimetal and Moametal. Like with the Su-metal interview last week, this one is probably the most in-depth and insightful thoughts about the group, its music and its mission.

Go read the whole thing.

For Babymetal people old and new, also get ready for the feels. The friendship between these two is always somewhat idolized (literally and figuratively), but it’s also nice to see that it’s in part genuine. They’ve been together as partners and co-performers and collaborators for a long time now; it would be hell if they didn’t have that mutual like and trust.


It is most likely just that while we are not twins, we have just always been two people that function as one and that was from when we first met.

It’s a great interview, is what I’m saying.