Sola Sound Finally Made an MV!

And it’s way heavier than I ever imagined it would be!

I first about Sola Sound a loooong time ago, only for them to be effectively absent from the Internet, save for a website with background animations that very strongly suggested that an MV of some sort existed, only for said MV to not exist anywhere online, at all. But I wanted to know about them! I even put out a bounty on Sola Sound video, to no avail. Then we finally got a taste, and now, now my friends, they’re stepping out of the proverbial dark* and … well, bringing it with them, because this is dark and it is loud:

I believe that’s their first album, and I know that you can it online, because that’s what the tweet says:

Keep on a-churning, Sola Sound. We need more from you.

*They perform all the time and have a very active Twitter presence; I’m being hyperbolic for effect