I Love Idol Collaborations!

I really, really do. Why, I don’t know, because normally putting together Artist A with Artist B is a hit-or-miss proposition, and I get really tired of half-baked attempts to either match likes by putting their butt ends together, or jamming the negative ends of magnets together until space-time rips and we fall into an alternate universe where all performers are contractually obligated to include Zac Brown in at least one track per album. Not with idols, though! Even when it “doesn’t work,” which is a subjective measurement of impossibilium — how can anything that adds idol to idol to make more idol be bad? — a collaboration between individuals or units is just about always worth tuning in.

And so it was that sentimental site fave AIBECK (hi An’z!) hooked up with blink-and-you’ll-miss-them unit Sola Sound:

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Sola Sound Finally Made an MV!

And it’s way heavier than I ever imagined it would be!

I first about Sola Sound a loooong time ago, only for them to be effectively absent from the Internet, save for a website with background animations that very strongly suggested that an MV of some sort existed, only for said MV to not exist anywhere online, at all. But I wanted to know about them! I even put out a bounty on Sola Sound video, to no avail. Then we finally got a taste, and now, now my friends, they’re stepping out of the proverbial dark* and … well, bringing it with them, because this is dark and it is loud: Continue reading

Please Start Buying All of Sola Sound’s Merch So They Keep Doing This

Man, all it took was like a year’s worth of waiting, and what started as one entire bit of video suddenly became … well, a second snip of video, but come on — it’s worth it.

This is good. This is that good idol rock. Unadorned. Mostly loud, and also idol. I demand more.

At Last! Visual Confirmation of the Existence of Sola Sound

Anybody else remember a little while ago when I put out a bounty for video of Sola Sound, who’ve spent at least a year being some kind of unreachable, inaccessible idol object who nonetheless are on like every bill in the greater Tokyo metro area at once? Well, it turns out that they earned that bounty themselves, because their official YouTube channel sprang to life this morning and gifted the world with a live clip of “no doubt”:

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I Am Putting out a Bounty for Sola Sound Video

Help me sleuth, friends. Have you ever encountered Sola Sound? This is their lone appearance on this site, about a year ago, when they were fairly new; other than some Soundcloud action, there is naught but any kind of real indication of their sound, performance style, etc. I look them up every couple of weeks or so, always curious, like hey, maybe they put some live video on YouTube! And nothing.

Until when I looked yesterday! They were at @JAM (which I knew, but mostly discounted), and they got to do one of those little video promos:

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Watch Out! Sola Sound Has Appeared

Yep, more new idols! Or, in this case, not so much new as new to us.

Meet Sola Sound (Twitter | Facebook!). Their online lifespan goes all the way back to March, and it looks like they debuted in May. Three members, doing kind of a PassCode Lite sound, with a little of the edgy kawaii presentation, and a website that looks a lot like NEVE SLIDE DOWN’s … holy shit, has We-Bstudio colonized?(no) Continue reading