At Last! Visual Confirmation of the Existence of Sola Sound

Anybody else remember a little while ago when I put out a bounty for video of Sola Sound, who’ve spent at least a year being some kind of unreachable, inaccessible idol object who nonetheless are on like every bill in the greater Tokyo metro area at once? Well, it turns out that they earned that bounty themselves, because their official YouTube channel sprang to life this morning and gifted the world with a live clip of “no doubt”:

They sound good! Like, there’s genuinely good vocal work happening in there, and I like the overall arrangement of the song. Hey, Sola Sound manager-san, you should do more of this!

For the uninitiated, Sola Sound has a one-man next Sunday, and then they’re getting into the @JAM series of shows in December. This is what I’m talking about — they aren’t total nobodies, but are very active in the scene, and yet never once has a shred of real-deal video made its way online, or at least not in a way that I could do anything with it. They’re like some kind of idoling ghosts!