Queen of the Scene Preliminaries, Day 3!

A hush falls over the arena as Homicidol Maniac takes a somber stroll to the ring.

I know. I know! Maybe you don’t consider it an upset that Yurapiko took down Yuimetal in the Whirlwind Smile-off DEATH MATCH, but I do; it seems like ol’ Babymetal just doesn’t have the same cache that they used to.

A sudden flash! bang! of light, and Su-metal appears at the top of the ramp!

“Everybody knows that you’ve rigged this competition against me, Homicidol Maniac, but I pledge victory to all the little kitsunes out there!”

Isn’t that precious? Well, without further ado, let’s get into today’s action!

Yesterday’s results

Today’s Matches

The Look

Current standings:

  • Sari: 2 pts
  • Pikarin: 2 pts
  • Younapi: 0 pts
  • Waka: 0 pts

Whose signature visual is most on point?

Hell’s Angels

Entrants: Yuna (PassCode), Shidare (Not Secured, Loose Ends), Hanako-san

As promised, our three competitors are already in a dead heat, and I like the idea of a first-fall-loses stipulation in a triple-threat match, so check this out: THEY’RE FIGHTING BLIND! I’ll be nice and give you a hint, though — two competitors ply their trade in quartets, and they’re starting off next to each other. How and when they get mixed up, though … well, I promise you nothing but chaos and disappointment. Last individual to 15 votes is the loser!

WHAT A FINISH! PassCode’s Imada Yuna was poised to drop Hanako-san with a Razor’s Edge, only for Io from Broken By The Scream to run in and spear her straight out of the ring. Tsurezure’s Shidare stumbled in to finish the job, only for Hanako-san to mist her straight in the face … which, considering the blindfolds, shouldn’t have been a problem, but IT WAS MAGIC MIST and Shidare staggered and tripped and fell over. Hanako-san awkwardly slid over for the pin and 1 … 2 … 3! IT WAS OVER! PANDEMONIUM!

Advancing: Yuna, Hanako-san

Results before the switch: Hanako-san 7, Yuna 13, Shidare 6


Current standings:

  • Aina: 4 pts
  • Momo: 2 pts
  • Maina: 2 pts
  • Saki: 2 pts
  • Nadeshiko: 2 pts
  • Manatsu: 0 pts

Manatsu is mathematically still in it!

The biggest and best voices in the hard side of idol


Entrants: Rinahamu, Ten Tenko, Maki (ayumikurikamaki)

Remember this weird stipulation: Maki will face the loser of today’s battle; if she wins, she gets to face the winner, too; if she wins both, she’s in, and today’s loser is out!

Who is idol’s top game-changers?

New School

Current standings:

  • Ayuni D: 2 pts
  • Pan Luna Leafy: 2 pts
  • Chiyono Ide: 0 pts
  • Mishina Ruka: 0 pts

Who are the best of the next generation?

Coming up Tomorrow

We kick off our final competition with the #QueenOfTheScene tweet-off: Whoever you’re supporting from Sisterhood, get them to tweet #QueenOfTheScene to @homicidols, with scoring based on total fan likes and RTs!

Current Queen of the Scene Entrants

  • Su-metal
  • Kakizaki Risaki
  • Pour Lui
  • KOTO
  • Yurapiko
  • Imada Yuna
  • Hanako-san

Slightly better luck today to everybody!

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