Is This a New Yurimaru Track?

Update: Jordan with the info!

You guys who are bigger fans of Hirano* Yuri than me (Jordan, I’m looking in your direction), help me out. She added this rocking little corker to Soundcloud last night, and I don’t recall having heard it before, but that apparently doesn’t mean anything because I miss lots of stuff:

I mean, I don’t even have an analog for that much bounce. Supergrass, but with the singer from Letters to Cleo? No idea.

The whole reason that this is even a debate is because I thought, hey, either Yuri or the Miracle Toybox site will have some discography info that will clue me in, and … nope. “TENSION GIRL” is nowhere to be found. It could be anything!

For what it’s worth, though, I did see that Yuri put out a single just a couple of weeks ago:

And darn her to heck for calling one of the songs “YOLO”

And-and, while we’re on the topic, she added her old EP to Soundcloud, too!

People who don’t like “SUNDAY MORNING” are jerks, period

When they invented the word “pop punk,” they had Yuri in mind.

*AKA “Shinohara” because reasons