Queen of the Scene Preliminaries, Day 2!

Code Orange’s “The New Reality” plays while an incredibly fit, handsome man in a perfectly tailored suit returns to the center of the ring. His mic fails, so a GWAR slave runs in a new one.

Good morning! Did you enjoy the first day of action to decide who enters Queen of the Scene?

Loud booing

I thought so!

We’ve only scratched the surface so far, but we already have our first important upset — Kakizaki Risaki got Pour Lui to tap out to Hell’s Gate right in this very ring, so our two entrants from Bow Down are set! Also, her partner in the dark arts, Sari, has advanced from The Look’s triple-threat and will be at the heart of today’s action!

See here for a general run-down of who’s all doing what where and when

Today’s Matches

The Look

Whose signature visual is most on point?


The biggest and best voices in the hard side of idol



New School

Who are the best of the next generation?

Coming up Tomorrow

The Look, Supersonic and New School will continue, and we’ll start up Edgecrushers and Hell’s Angels.

Later in the Week

While we wrap up the round-robin competitions, we’ll have #QueenOfTheScene day for competitors in the Sisterhood division — remember, get your favorite to tweet QueenOfTheScene to @homicidols so they can advance!

Current Queen of the Scene Entrants

  • Su-metal
  • Kakizaki Risaki
  • Pour Lui
  • KOTO

Worst of luck to everybody!

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