Queen of the Scene Preliminaries, Day 4!

Homicidols Maniac is met by a roar of boos when his face appears on the Titantron

Yesterday, huh? It’s a real shame that the referee completely missed that outside interference and use of foreign objects in the Blindfold Triple Threat. Congratulations to Yuna and Hanako-san nonetheless!

Things wind to a close today, and the field is practically set. Are you ready to ru– not get sued into oblivion?

Yesterday’s results

Today’s Matches


Today begins with a challenge! There are four competitors in Sisterhood:

  • First Summer Uika (Billie Idle)
  • Beni (Avandoned)
  • Hashiyasume Atsuko (BiSH)
  • Ano (You’ll Melt More!)

Only two of them get to advance, and you, the fans, will make that happen. By whatever means works for you, get your favorite here to tweet #QueenOfTheScene to @homicidols by midnight ET, and the total number of likes and RTs of that original tweet will determine which two get the nod.


Can you believe that the special guest referee, who looked suspiciously like a bear in a man costume, double-disqualified Ten Tenko and Rinahamu? Absolute chaos. I can’t just not let Maki compete, but I also need to have her compete fairly and certainly without the influence of any woodland creatures on the result.

I got it! Let’s have a handicap tag team match!

Rinahamu. Tenten. The two of you apparently can’t just settle this like adults, so you’re going to work together from now on. You will form a tag team to take on … well, it doesn’t seem fair to ask Maki to pick from among her best friends, now does it?

The stipulation is simple: If ayumikurikamaki wins, Maki goes through as the #1, and whichever of the two of you who doesn’t get pinned is the #2. If you beat them, though, whoever scored the fall gets the top nod. WHY IT’S ALMOST AS IF I WANT TO FORCE THE TWO OF YOU TO TURN ON EACH OTHER!

The Look

Current standings:

  • Sari: 4 pts
  • Pikarin: 2 pts
  • Waka: 2 pts
  • Younapi: 0 pts

Younapi has been mathematically eliminated, but she can still play spoiler!


Current standings:

  • Aina: 6 pts
  • Maina: 4 pts
  • Saki: 4 pts
  • Momo: 2 pts
  • Nadeshiko: 2 pts
  • Manatsu: 0 pts

Aina the End is in; everybody else not named Manatsu has at least a puncher’s chance, and I can’t wait to see what happens if some of the vote totals get a little weird!

New School

Current standings:

  • Ayuni D: 4 pts
  • Mishina Ruka: 2 pts
  • Pan Luna Leafy: 2 pts
  • Chiyono Ide: 0 pts

Technically, all are still alive!

Coming up Tomorrow

We take stock of where we are and look forward to the real competition to come next week!

Current Queen of the Scene Entrants

  • Su-metal
  • Kakizaki Risaki
  • Pour Lui
  • KOTO
  • Yurapiko
  • Imada Yuna
  • Hanako-san
  • Aina the End

Best of luck who needs a win by a huge margin and a bunch of other incidental things to happen just to advance!

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